Covid-19 Notice

Ballers Football Academy prides itself on its duty of care to children, parents and the wider community. In light of the current circumstances, we feel it is in the best interests to suspend sessions taking into account the large numbers of children we coach at one time and knowing the number of these whom take public transport to reach our venues. All of these factors could increase the risk of potential infection, which, knowing many of you are part of tight-knit families with elderly grandparents, is something we obviously want to diminish. Finally, our health service is under severe pressure currently and, although only a small risk, there is always a chance we could face a serious injury that would add additional, unnecessary strain upon them. We hope you understand the decision we have taken and we will of course keep you informed of further updates. 

Stay safe, 

Jamie Mehmet

Academy Manager


Ballers Football Academy

What is an academy?

An organisation created to encourage interest and development in a particular subject.

Ballers Football Academy provide structured coaching sessions & mentoring for young people aged 5-18. Our football programmes incorporate the Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological and Social Development of all players. The Ballers coaching team includes award winning coaches & professional footballers that work together to design drills that will encourage players to express their ability and creativity as well as allowing them to develop confidence through interacting with others in a safe environment.